Maso Spilzi | © Foto Archivio Apt Alpe Cimbra

Maso Spilzi

Maso Spilzi, a unique example of an alpine settlement in Folgaria

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Calceranica Mining Park

Today the old mine is a park open to visits

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Forte Cherle | © Foto Archivio Apt Alpe Cimbra

Forte Cherle

Forte Cherle is a military fortification, located in the Folgaria plateau area

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Cimitero militare di Lavarone | © Foto di MVHattem Bergenmagazine

Lavarone Military Cemetery

Where soldiers rest in the shadow of the mountains

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Forte Sommo Alto | © Foto Archivio Apt Alpe Cimbra

Forte Sommo Alto

The Forte Sommo Alto of Folgaria bears witness to the battles of the Great War.

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Haus von Prükk | © Haus von Prükk

The Haus von Prükk

The realistic portrayals of home life in the little rooms are highly evocative.

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Museo del Miele | © Foto Archivio Apt Alpe Cimbra

Museo del Miele - The Honey Museum

The Honey Museum, in Tobia near Lavarone, provides an insight into the magical world of bees

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