Marmitte dei Giganti

Marmitte dei Giganti

The Marmitte dei Giganti are Karstic in origin.

Alpine Botanical Garden, Viote del Monte Bondone

The biodiversity of the plant species of the world’s greatest...

Orme dei Dinosauri

Dinosaur Tracks

Rovereto boasts Italy's largest deposit of fossilised dinosaur prints

The Violins' Forest

The Norway spruce growing in the Paneveggio forest is the key to the...

Canyon Rio Sass

Enjoy the thrill of nature while exploring the Rio Sass canyon.

The "Trodo dei Fiori" Botanical Pathway

The Trodo dei Fiori "path of flowers" wends its way through an area...

Grotte Castello Tesino

Grotte Castello Tesino

The mouths of the caves of Castello Tesino are found inside the deep,...

Walk to the ogre's bridge

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