Autumn: the Trentino wine tourism season

immerse yourself in Trentino’s wine-growing area, in its most beautiful season

AUTUMN 2022 - Among the reasons for choosing an autumn holiday in Trentino, the possibility of immersing yourself in its oenological universe is, in our opinion, one of the happiest. The reason is not easy to summarise in words, it is an experience that must be simply savoured. For now, we will try to describe it to you in writing.

Trentino has a heart of vineyards, nestled in the centre of its territory and protected by the peaks and Lake Garda, made up of alluvial hills that are anything but steep, and precious plateaus: those below, on the banks of the main waterways and those carved out of the mountain, with steps that make up fascinating shapes and terraced landscapes. The variety of panoramas that viticulture creates is reflected in the variety of products it yields: the changing terroir guarantees the same wine to take on very different and personal nuances and characters based on the cultivation area, so that even within a few kilometres it is possible to obtain a wide variety of products.

This is why the Trentino of wine should be explored at a slow pace, just like the slow rhythm of maceration or fermentation, two processes required for wine production. And autumn is the best time, when the harvest is about to end and the cellars are preparing to collect musts, the first step in winemaking, and, above all, when colours seem to further enhance the countryside.

The ideas and advice that you will find below have been designed just for you, imagining a journey of discovery, in which you can immerse yourself in the rows and get closer to product and producers, all the while enjoying good food and intimate artistic experiences, at the slow pace of the bicycle or your legs.

These are just some of the suggestions we have for you this autumn!

Authentic experiences

These are the Top wine experiences you can enjoy while visiting the Avisian hills and Piana Rotaliana, the undisputed land of red Teroldego, fine sparkling wines and still wines full of history. The range of proposals is wide and surprising; it includes unusual and perhaps unconventional and intriguing wine experiences! One thing is certain: whatever itinerary your choice, you will visit a cellar and get to know winegrowers and wines of this splendid territory.

A sip of Trentino

Discover Trentino through wines that serve as its ambassadors, going up from south to north like ancient travelers: this is one of the proposals of Viaggi del Gusto packaged by the Wine and Flavours Route. But this is only a small sample of what your vacation will be, because your trip will be designed by putting together your needs and interests. A unique way to embark on a journey of discovery through landscape, history and nature. And of course, wine.

More than a bike ride

A gentle ride in the vine-covered heart of Trentino, with the Paganella peak towering all around: it is not easy to describe the Giro del vino 50 in a few words. More than an itinerary, it aims to be an experience to be enjoyed at one’s own speed. A route of about 50 km winding through hills and gentle roads, the same ones on which cycling champions such as Gilberto Simoni and Francesco Moser grew up. It is up to you to decide whether to experience it by simply passing through or in stages, with refreshment and discovery stops.

Sleeping in the cellar

We could not leave out this opportunity. By staying in one of the Trentino wineries that offer hospitality services, you can intensify the immersive experience in the world of local wines. Colourful vines and the warm shades of seasonal colors will greet you in the morning, and you can indulge in a walk in the fields in the early morning, to hear the leaves crunch under your feet and smell the scent of autumn.

Published on 16/08/2022