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Natural hospitality for a holiday to be experienced

A holiday on a farm is the perfect recipe for regenerating yourself: large green spaces, quality products with a short supply chain, the crisp air of the mountains and the family welcome of those who love to live beyond the city lights and know how to give you the right advice to help you discover new itineraries, exciting views and places to see: all things you can’t find in the guides.

Just one night on a farm in Trentino is enough to feel at home, in a new home that extraordinarily resembles you. The ideal starting point for a walk, to fill up on culture or simply to take advantage of a room overlooking the forest colours.

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Over 200 farmhouses

In Trentino there are over 200 farmhouses associated with the Trentino Agriturismo Association, which are ready to make you live an intense Alpine experience. Discover nature, take an excursion to the lake and along mountain trails, or relax in a meadow, to taste the food and wine specialties that are born right there, in the vegetable gardens and pastures of the farm that hosts you.

Agritur in Trentino, natural hospitality

Why choose a farmhouse as your destination

Genuine food, a wonderful natural setting, the welcome that makes you feel at home: there are many reasons to choose a holiday in a Trentino farmhouse, but what makes the difference are the experiences you can live in our woods and mountains. 

Like these, for example...

  • Breathe the silence, drink a good cup of fresh milk, the one you milked with your own hands during one of the various activities offered by the farm;
  • Listen to the sounds around you, the animals, the stream, the wind: it is the triumph of nature!
  • Smell the scent of freshly mown grass, wild herbs in the mountain hut or the aroma of freshly made cheese;
  • Taste many locally grown products, like fresh eggs, bread, butter and jam, freshly picked fruit, vegetables from the garden, yogurt and many meals expertly cooked with sustainable ingredients;
  • Learn and rediscover the works of the past, traditions, customs and habits of farmers.
  • Get to know and make friends with animals on educational farms: caress horses, donkeys, cows, goats and baby lambs.

When you say tourism in a farmhouse, in Trentino, you mean nature. Beyond the countryside, beyond the resilience and courage of fields stolen from stones. Here mountain people await; they have learned the rhythms of the earth to transform them into respect, peace and relaxation.

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Select your farmhouse

Select your farmhouse

Published on 07/09/2022