Trentino Fishing Lodges

Dedicated facilities for those who love fishing, offering many tailor-made services

Fishing permits, personalised wake-up calls, early breakfast, storage and washing area for fishing equipment, and bagged lunch: these are just some of the services you can find by booking a stay in our Trentino Fishing Lodges.

These facilities include hotels, B&Bs, campsites and holiday farms located a short distance from the main fishing spots, and are designed to respond quickly and comfortably to the needs of those who choose Trentino for a 100% fishing holiday. So, you can focus only on your passion!


Ad hoc services for fishermen, and tips from the locals

In addition to offering you many tailor-made services, the Trentino Fishing Lodges provide you with information on fishing areas and local maps, purchase of fishing permits, how to book a guided excursion, or to get advice on getting started or improving your techniques, as well as information on the rental and purchase of equipment.

You can find the equipment in all the main fishing areas of Trentino. Choose your period of stay and fishing area, and book below!