Marzadro Distilleries head to the mountaintops

A prized product born from passion and experience

Starting with just one sense, it gradually draws on all the others. It has been described as pleasant, intense, euphoric, reassuring, strong, and soft.   Creating it takes passion, experience and research. The slower the preparation time, the more exquisite the product. New ingredients are added to make innovative blends. A staple for socialising, it brings joy and good times. The Master Craftsman who produces it is meticulous, highly skilled and passionate.

This is grappa. These qualities mean that grappa is a product that goes hand in hand with music. This year, our exquisite spirit will once again sponsor I Suoni delle Dolomiti Festival. This exemplar of Trentino excellence is represented by the Marzadro Distilleries, based in Nogaredo in Vallagarina. The quality of Marzadro spirits is lauded by the Istituto Tutela Grappa del Trentino.

Marzadro Distilleries at I Suoni delle Dolomiti (The Sounds of the Dolomites) Festival

The partnership is even more fitting in light of grappa being a sustainable product and the festival's long-standing eco-friendly philosophy. Trentino’s grappa tradition stretches back centuries. The product is created by distilling the pomace, or skins, of grapes which are left over from wine production and separate from the must or wine.

You can taste it in one of Trentino's mountain huts, preferably at the end of a concert, in order to stimulate all your senses. Remember to take small sips, swirling it all around your mouth in order to activate and use all your taste buds. Simple tricks like this will help you appreciate and love this noble and highly prized spirit.

Published on 05/05/2022