I Suoni delle Dolomiti, where art, nature and science unite

The masterminds from MUSE – Trento science museum – are making their own inimitable contribution again this year

Rock pinnacles and ridges thrust up from the seabed million years ago. Age-old coral reefs and marine fossils sculpted by wind, water and air, century after century. The Brenta group, the Latemar, the Marmolada, the Rosengarten massif and the gleaming Pale di San Martino mountains: these are our Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the irreplaceable scenic backdrop to our festival events.

How did the Dolomites take shape? What kind of wildlife makes its home here? Where are the protected areas and the places where fossils can still be seen? What should we keep a special eye out for when walking the mountain ways? You can find answers to these and other intriguing questions at the I Suoni delle Dolomiti, the festival in harmony with nature.

MUSE, Trento science museum, will be involved again this year to add its invaluable contribution to the proceedings.

Every concert will open with an enthralling talk by a botanist, glaciologist, palaeontologist or other scholar. They will illuminate curious details and fascinating features of the stunning natural surroundings, to make your experience even more enriching.

And while you’re here for our concerts, why not make a proper holiday of it and explore everything that’s on at MUSE. The museum’s events programme at the main Trento site and its outlying centres is interesting, original and thought-provoking yet accessible to visitors of all ages.

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Published on 27/11/2021