'I Suoni delle Dolomiti' is in safe hands

The Mountain Rescue service, the Red Cross and the Alpine Guides are in charge of event safety

Guests’ wellbeing has always been the top priority at I Suoni delle Dolomiti festival (Sounds of the Dolomites). Our attentive team will be on hand throughout, so everyone can enjoy the concerts in the mountains safely under the watchful eye of the Trentino Mountain Rescue service, the Italian Red Cross and the Trentino Alpine Guides.

Soccorso-Alpino-suoni-alba | © Soccorso-Alpino-suoni-alba

Trentino Mountain Rescue

You’ll notice their ever-present red jackets dotting the woods and meadows around the stages. They’ll be overseeing the concert area, ready to spring into action if necessary. They’re invaluable – making the locations accessible, assisting the artists and carrying the instruments on their unusual climb up the mountainsides. The men and women from the Trentino Mountain Rescue service are also involved in each individual event. They advise on whether the settings can be reached safely and alert us to any weather concerns. These Angels of the Mountains have always got your back, whether you’re hiking, climbing or listening to I Suoni delle Dolomiti.

Keeping everyone safe at the ‘I Suoni delle Dolomiti’

The Trentino Italian Red Cross

The Red Cross volunteers are here to look after us at every festival concert. They’ll be up on the sweeping meadows and rocky clearings, ready to help in case of need. They’re so discreet that if you’ve already attended a I Suoni delle Dolomiti show, they might have escaped your attention. But they’re always on hand, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Madonna di Campiglio - Excursion in the Brenta Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage

Trentino Alpine Guides

As you climb up to the high-altitude concert venues, you’ll discover some truly magical places. And you’ll be escorted by those who know them best of all. The Trentino Alpine Guides will take I Suoni delle Dolomiti audiences up in small groups, bringing the place to life as they pass on their intimate knowledge of everything from the rock formations to the beautiful wild blooms. Your Trentino Guest Card gives you free access to guided walks with the Alpine Guides up to the festival concert locations. Get your Guest Card here – and make the most of it!



Published on 27/11/2021