10 things to do in spring

The season of little treasures that add value to your time

This is a spring unlike any other. To be enjoyed outdoors, savouring every moment, like a beautiful conquest. Smell the scent of freshly blossomed flowers, breathe in the mountain air after a long walk, listen to the sound of a stream that breaks the silence of the forest.

Precious gems to be treasured with a pure heart and the awareness of the ineffable value of these moments that regenerate body and soul.

These are our 10 little treasures that we share with you, for you to fully experience this beautiful season.


A walk among the flowers

In spring, Trentino is aglow with the watercolour hues of fragrant blooms, from white apple to golden globeflower. Strolling through fields and meadows at this time of year is like setting foot in a work of art.


A picnic with a lake view

… but that’s not all! Spring starts early on the shores of Lake Garda. You can spread out a blanket on the meadow and tuck into a picnic basket, take a trip along the cycle path, enjoy a panoramic walk or simply savour your first ice cream of the season. Find your bliss in the little things.


A nature walk

Boots on your feet, rucksack on your back, binoculars at the ready. As you hike the hills and walk through the woods, keep your ears open for the chirping of the birds and the breeze ruffling the trees. Stop and take a good deep breath. It’s all yours!


Bicycling with a view

A bike ride is the best way to awaken your muscles after winter hibernation. The temperature is cool, ideal for a ride, and the trails are ready for your MTB. Saddle up, magnificent views to reach one ride after another await you!


Wandering the villages

Narrow alleys and stone houses, wooden balconies and cobbled lanes: when you visit a village in Trentino, you don’t need to know where the road goes; just follow your nose. Lose yourself among picturesque corners, wafting aromas and overheard snatches of dialect, bumping into a few friendly locals along the way. It’s an experience to savour with all your senses.


A barefoot walk

Breathe deeply. Close your eyes. Concentrate on the grass caressing your feet. And listen to the melody that nature is weaving all around you. Can you feel the energy as it fills you with warmth from your toes to your nose?


A tour around the lake

The blue of water, the green of trees and the colourful shades of flowers: there is nothing more relaxing than a walk around the lake in spring! Don’t forget to put a tablecloth and a sandwich in your backpack, so that you can enjoy your tasty picnic on the grass.

By bike for Giro del Vino 50

By bike for Giro del Vino 50

It’s time to get on the saddle, for a gourmet itinerary. This is Giro del Vino 50, in Piana Rotaliana. A 50-km loop bike trail passing through villages and vineyards and running along waterways, up to mountain slopes. P.S.: as you pedal, don’t forget to make a stop at a cellar.


Discover the history of Trentino

An itinerary in Trentino to cross into two centuries of history. Museums, WWI forts, hydroelectric power plants… a 10-destination thematic itinerary that becomes a real journey through time, to be explored step by step.


A family-friendly adventure

Canyons, caves, tunnels... mysterious places to explore with helmet and raincoat on. We have many adventures in store for brave little explorers, to be experienced in complete safety and in the company of expert guides.

Published on 15/04/2022