Mio Trentino

Your personal travel guide


Mio Trentino will revolutionise your idea of holidaying. It will transform your Trentino experience into a journey that starts before you even set out. You will be introduced to the territory before you ever set foot there, learn all about it during your stay and be amazed at how it seems to have been made just for you.

Mio Trentino will suggest itineraries, experiences and events for you, plus give real-time updates on weather and traffic. It will explain how to get wherever you want to go in the area and let you make reservations and access benefits thanks to the integrated Trentino Guest Card. It will be by your side throughout all your activities, ready to change plans whenever you like. And if you’ve got any questions or queries, it can instantly put you in touch with someone who’ll be able to help.

Mio Trentino is the must-have App to experience Trentino like a true local, enjoy a carefree stay and make the most of your opportunities for relaxation or adventure without wasting any time.

Download the App, scroll through the sections and discover the immediate benefits it offers just for you. Mio Trentino is the travel companion that just can’t wait to meet you, take you by the hand and be your guide for the Trentino experience you deserve.