Where to admire the fall foliage

10 trails to view the changing colours of the woods

Yellow, orange, red and gold: autumn is the very moment when nature transforms, shedding its vibrant shades of green for warmer, fierier hues, like those of the larch, beech and birch trees. In Trentino, you can admire this phenomenal foliage in every colour imaginable.

Pull on your trekking shoes, pick out one of the walks suggested below, and don’t forget to bring your camera: you’ll definitely want to capture an eternal memory of this extraordinary spectacle, autumn’s great gift to us.


Among the chestnut trees of Brentonico

This is a walk that’s truly accessible to all, starting from Santa Caterina and lasting just over half an hour. You’ll start off along a road that offers a stunning panoramic view of Vallagarina, before meandering through the well-tended fields and centuries-old chestnut woods of Castione, a medieval hamlet in the municipality of Brentonico. In October, we recommend visiting the famous local chestnut fair, or Festa dei Marroni.


On Monte Corona

This is another easy walk: a relaxed stroll through the woods of beech, pine and fir trees blanketing Monte Corona, in the Ville di Giovo area, with a stop at the Dos Paion viewpoint. Up here, you can feast your eyes on the mountain chains of eastern Trentino and lower Val di Cembra, resplendent in the infinite shades of fall foliage.


At the San Pietro mountain hut

This is a somewhat more challenging trail, not least in terms of its duration: it is a 4-hour return journey. Set out from Canale di Tenno, one of Italy’s most beautiful medieval villages, to admire the foliage from the natural terrace of the San Pietro mountain hut, a beloved destination thanks to its accessibility, excellent food, and breath-taking panoramic view of Lake Garda.


In Val di Fumo

This vast glacial valley, surrounded by woods and rock walls, lies to the far west of Trentino. Here, in autumn, the larch trees take on a yellow colour that stands out boldly against the blue skies. We recommend being at the Val di Fumo lodge at around 9 in the morning to admire them as the sunlight caresses the treetops. A must-see for lovers of fall foliage!.


At the Forra del Lupo

A mixture of trekking and history, amid the mountains of Alpe Cimbra. This loop route, lasting almost three hours, leads you between high rock walls into “the Wolf Gorge”, where Austro-Hungarian soldiers dug trenches and deep shelters during the Great War. Your efforts will be richly rewarded with an incomparable view of the upper Terragnolo Valley and the imposing Pasubio massif.


At the Saent Falls

A loop route in the heart of Val di Sole leads you to the foot of this thunderous waterfall created by the Rabbies river. The trail, set within the Stelvio National Park, gives you the chance to admire the colouring of the larch needles in autumn, when they become an orange so vivid as to be almost surreal. The unique contrast with the clear skies above is typical of September days here.


On the shores of Lake Tovel

In the seventies, this lake used to turn red in colour because the unique properties of a certain algae. Today, it still offers a delightful charm and is at the height of its glory in autumn. This walk along its shores is the perfect opportunity to relax, listening to the lapping of the waves that break on small, ivory-coloured beaches.


In Val Canali

A 13 km loop route exploring a gorgeous valley, with a wonderful view of the majestic Pale di San Martino mountains and the Lagorai chain. The trail is rather long, but not particularly challenging. You might choose to break it up with a few photo stops to immortalise the marvellous colours of the foliage, a unique feast for the eyes.


Val San Nicolò

Easy excursion that runs through the woods and trails of Val San Nicolò, in Val di Fassa. The loop trail goes up the narrow wooded belt of the valley with a varied course and alternates flat stretches with manageable climbs. It is also perfect for walking with children and strollers! Unparalleled views of the Dolomites all around.


The Panoramic Terrace

An easy walk that will suit the whole family, through the beech woods around Fai della Paganella. The destination? The Panoramic Terrace in Fai, which is just over twenty minutes on foot from the village. From here you can set off on other trails... or just linger and enjoy the views over the Adige Valley.

Published on 08/08/2022